What does it cost?

Any questions? I will reply as soon as possible. Mail me at:  irvinglanguageservices@gmail.com or evyirving007@hotmail.com

The prices I charge depend on the type of work, any deadline involved, or the amount of work requiring translation. By mutual agreement, the price can be determined, per document or per word (original text). For example:

  • For a straightforward text: from 0.14 euro per word (original text)
  • For a legal (academic) text: 0.15 euro per word (original text)
  • For a Sworn Legal translation: from 0.20 euro per word (original text)
  • For proofreading or reviewing, I can also charge per hour or per document.

Please do not hesitate to contact me through irvinglanguageservices@gmail.com .